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Biogas ‘Could Be A Solution’ For Third-World Energy Problems

Installing biogas plants in rural areas in parts of Africa could go some way towards solving energy shortage issues in countries such as Zimbabwe.


This is according to The Chronicle, which described biogas as a plausible option for providing power in rural areas that are typically associated with high rates of poverty.


It noted that such schemes in Zimbabwe need to focus on solutions that are low cost, as well as being simple to maintain and manage. The publication added that they could be scaled to work for everything from a single household to a large-scale energy producer.


A number of places in the country have already started adopting this technology. One woman who benefits from having a biogas plant at her property is Anne Nyanhete. She told the news provider that it’s reliable and is “a resource that never runs out as long as we have cow dung”.


It provides energy for lighting, heating and cooking, which has saved residents in areas where such plants have been installed money on their bills.


Zimbabwe isn’t the only African country to see the potential for biogas, with Kenya recently beginning construction on a large biogas plant that will be used to not only generate energy, but also to purify waste water and make it suitable for consumption once again.



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