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Bristol Bio-Bee Collects And Runs On Waste

Breather valves are being given a new lease of life as part of a scheme that will see waste collected for biofuel, by truck in Bristol.

The BioBee truck is going to be the first vehicle of its kind to run on and collect waste, in the UK.

The truck will be used to collect waste which will then be sorted to remove plastics and other unusable waste streams, to create low carbon biogas.

The gas can then be used to create renewable electricity or turned into biomethane to be used in the gas grid. Of course, it will also be used to fuel the Bio-Bee truck.

"Bees are renowned for the good work they do for the environment, and their daily routine involves collecting valuable natural resources and then bringing them back to a hive to make renewable and nutritious products," says Charlotte Stamper, project manager at GENeco

"The Bio-Bee operates the same way. It runs on biomethane that has been produced by the anaerobic digestion of food waste and sewage from houses in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area."

The truck is believed to have a carbon footprint that is 90 per cent lower than a similarly sized diesel truck.

It has also been noted that there is plenty of waste in the local area for the Bio-Bee to run on, as if all the waste generated by Bristol’s residents in a year was collected, it could fuel the Bio-bee for 3,000 years. There is literally, some food for thought.