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Calls For Government To Support Biomethane


The government needs to be more supportive of the biomethane production industry, as well as lending its backing to more low-carbon fuel sources.

This is the opinion of the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA), which pointed out that there is significant potential for the biogas industry to help reduce the UK’s carbon emissions.

According to the ADBA, there is enough capacity within the UK’s anaerobic digestion sector to produce enough biomethane to power more than half of the country’s bus fleet.

It has highlighted the potential of this fuel source as Nottingham City Transport (NCT) launched its new fleet of double-deck biogas buses. The new buses, costing £17 million, will be the world’s largest biogas double-deck bus fleet and cut CO2 emissions in the city by 3,500 tonnes a year.

Fine particulate matter and NOx emissions will also be reduced by the introduction of this new technology.

Gary Mason, NCT engineering director, commented: “When [biomethane] is used, emissions are 84 per cent lower than their diesel counterparts, thereby making them - from ‘well to wheel’ - the greenest buses on the road.”

ADBA chief executive Charlotte Morton added that biomethane presents the only “practical means” of reducing carbon emissions in HGVs, buses and non-road mobile machinery in the short to medium term.

Nottingham isn’t the only city in the UK to be utilising biogas for public transport, with Manchester announcing earlier this month that it would be trialling a biogas bus on the city’s roads.

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