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Calls To Create UK Biogas Research Centre


The UK’s anaerobic digestion (AD) industry is already worth £500 million and now a leading industry organisation is calling for a dedicated research centre to be set up to enable the UK to become a world leader in the technology.


At the annual research and innovation forum hosted by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) later this month, plans will be put forward for the creation of a Centre for Anaerobic Biotechnology and Bioresources Research.


This new centre would be a global hub of excellence and would focus its efforts on making AD into a low-cost and multifunctional biotechnology. 


The advantage of having a dedicated centre for research would be that it could coordinate all the research currently being done around the technology and help ensure new areas of research receive the investment they need.


Dr Mike Mason, research fellow at the University of Oxford and chairman of Tropical Power Ltd, said that more investment in AD research would lead to a “step change” in the cost of this form of energy.


As a result, it could “deliver at a massively greater scale than present”, he asserted.


Charlotte Morton, ADBA chief executive, added that investing in AD research could create thousands of new jobs and significantly boost the technology’s export potential in the UK.


But it isn’t only the UK that could benefit from implementing biogas technology on a larger scale. Last month the Chronicle suggested that biogas plants could help solve energy shortages in parts of Africa, particularly rural areas.


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