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Doncaster AD Plant Increases Processing Power

An anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Doncaster is set to increase the amount of food waste it can convert into energy with the introduction of a new anaerobic digester.

Following the construction of the new tank, which is expected to take 22 weeks, the ReFood waste recycling firm will expand its capacity by 33 per cent, allowing it to process 160,000 tonnes of waste food every year.

This will make the Widnes-based plant one of the largest in Europe, Waste Management World revealed.

Speaking to the Yorkshire Post, commercial manager at ReFood Richard Poskitt explained that the firm takes waste from businesses within a 50-mile radius of its plant.

Despite having made good progress with AD uptake in the region, Mr Poskitt explained that the sector as a whole is struggling in the UK at present due to government policy changes.

“The AD market is stalling in terms of investment in plant and infrastructure. There really needs to be a landfill ban,” he asserted.

Doncaster isn’t the only place in the UK trying to make the most of our food waste. Earlier this month, Waste Management World highlighted plans by Veolia to construct a heat and power AD plant in Gloucestershire.

The new AD plant would be located at Rose Hill Recycling, an existing waste recycling plant that already processes around 35,000 tonnes of food and farm waste each year.


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