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Double Decker Bio-Gas Bus Trialled In Bristol

Those production plants using vacuum relief valves to produce biogas will undoubtedly be interested to see how a new ’biogas bus’ trial goes, when it is launched in Bristol this week.


Beginning on 21st August, the trial by First will examine how the bus copes with the demands of the city centre public transport, as well as any issues which arise with refuelling and maintenance according to Air Quality News.


James Freeman, managing director of First West of England said that the company was excited to launch the bus so soon after being available to the market: “Its low emissions and biogas credentials are just what is needed in a city that is faced with air quality challenges and increased congestion. This biogas bus helps to improve local air quality as it produces fewer emissions than traditional diesel engines.”


The bus, produced by Scania, is thought to have lower emissions than many diesel passenger cars, in spite of being able to carry 70 passengers across its two decks.


Bristol city council are pleased to be supporting the technology in Bristol, with cabinet member for transport praising exploration of low carbon emission technology in aims to meet the city’s air pollution targets.


A single deck biogas bus has already been trialled in the city, which had to overcome the challenges of filling up on fuel in Avonmouth, as the depot wasn’t equipped to deal with the technology at the time.


The First fleet also contains hybrid vehicles, as well as 100 per cent electric cars to ferry drivers to change over points.