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Evian Builds First Carbon-Neutral Production Facility

Natural mineral water drinks brand Evian has announced that it has unveiled its first-ever carbon-neutral production facility, a milestone in the company’s commitment to achieving worldwide carbon-neutral status by the year 2020.

Numerous initiatives have been rolled out at the bottling site to help the company reduce its carbon footprint. For example, between 2008 and 2016 the brand reduced its overall industrial energy consumption by 23 per cent a litre of Evian… and now the site is 100 per cent powered by renewable energy.

It also intends to use 100 per cent recycled materials for all its packaging and by the end of this year, it will use an average of 25 per cent recycled plastic. And it’s also looking into more environmentally friendly modes of transportation, focusing heavily on rail freight. At the moment, 60 per cent of bottles are shipped by train, but this is expected to climb in the future.

Chief executive of parent company Danone Emmanuel Faber commented on the upgraded bottling site, saying: “This achievement combines a unique workplace organisation, a shift to digital technology, and technologies and sustainability solutions at the cutting edge of our sector worldwide – bringing together everything we need to support the brand’s development while preserving the natural resources we cherish and continuing to develop the local economy.”

Evian will actually be Danone’s first brand to hit its zero net carbon target, focusing on two levers to achieve this – reducing its carbon footprint and restoring water-linked ecosystems. The latter is being done through the Livelihoods Carbon Fund, with mangrove trees planted in Senegal, Indonesia and India to capture Evian’s remaining carbon emissions by 2020.

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