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Many Brits Wasting Food

New research has found that 75 per cent of Brits are throwing away fresh food every week, with the majority revealing that the main reason they discard so much food is because they fail to eat it before it goes off.

In fact, that was the reason given by 83 per cent of respondents to the survey by It’s Fresh!. In addition, those aged 18 to 24 are the worst for throwing out food, with 92 per cent in this demographic admitting to discarding food each week.

Many people revealed that they feel guilty for getting rid of things like fruit and vegetables, with 51 per cent stating that this is how they feel when they waste their produce. In addition, 44 per cent claimed to feel frustrated when putting these items in the bin.

Co-founder of It’s Fresh! Simon Lee commented: “Wasting food wastes everything that has gone into getting the produce to the consumer and more needs to be done to help people reduce what they throw away.”

London was found to be the worst place in the country for homes wasting food, where 28 per cent of people surveyed said they bin more than ten per cent of the fresh produce they buy each week.

There’s no doubt that food waste is unnecessary in many cases, but if it’s disposed of properly it can still be of some use.

A report published by Cadent recently revealed that biogas could be used to power more than 15 million homes by 2020. Biogas can be generated from domestic and food waste, as well as agricultural residues, sewage waste and energy crops, the organisation noted.

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