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New Machine Turns ‘Waste Plastic To Energy’

The use of vacuum relief valves in anaerobic digestion is set to transform plastic waste as we know it thanks to a new device, which could be operational in the next 12 months. Being developed in Australia, these machines could transform the way we dispose of plastics that aren’t suitable for recycling by converting the plastics into energy and fertiliser.

This anaerobic technology has been developed by POET Systems, which is expecting to have a pair of machine working in the next year. The first machines are due to be installed at a waste water plant in Victoria, Australia. These will both have the capability of processing 40 tonnes of plastic in every one of its seven-day cycles.

David Thompson, the original inventor of the system, was reported by Business Cloud talking about the prospects of the machines: “The POET system prepares waste plastic in a way that microbial digestion can take place quickly and I think that’s really the key to making it a commercial opportunity,” he said.

The microbes used to break down the plastic will also treat the water at the same time. These new machines will also importantly not impact the current method for sorting plastic which are suitable for recycling, as this only works for plastics that are non-recyclable and bound for landfill sites.

It’s hoped that this process will be used across the world and implemented in all plastic waste sites to help combat the issue and hopefully see positive results in the fight against global warming in years to come