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Plans For Biomass-Powered Forge In Sheffield


Sheffield could be set to get a forge powered by a biomass power plant if proposals submitted by Abbey Forged Products are approved.


The Star revealed that the company has submitted plans to develop a £36 million sustainable industries park, which could feature a £10 million biomass power plant, as well as a food digestion plant.


According to the newspaper, the firm hopes that 95 per cent of the energy for its forge would be provided by these renewable sources. It is believed to be the first such scheme of its kind in the UK.


A brownfield site near Wadsley Bridge, which has been derelict for over two decades, is the proposed location for this development.


In addition to the new forge and press building proposed by Abbey Forged Products, RAW Energy aims to build a £10 million anaerobic digestion plant on the site, while company Earthworm is behind the biomass power plant.


Mark Leivers, agent for AMG Investments which is the landowner, explained that this development could lead to other sustainable business parks being developed elsewhere in the country.


“We’ve got an opportunity to create a ‘closed loop’ to assist a local business from a sustainable development. It’s really neat and a first for Sheffield,” he stated.


Two recycling companies already have operations on the site, but there is no gas or electricity and they run using generators.


It seems that a growing number of businesses are exploring the idea of producing and utilising biogas. It was recently revealed that a scheme to produce bio-substitute natural gas would get underway in Wiltshire later this year.


This will allow 10,000 tonnes of household rubbish to be turned into fuel each year, with the gas produced emitting 80 per cent less carbon dioxide than diesel.


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