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Positive Impact Of Biogas On Emissions Highlighted


Biogas has the potential to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 13 per cent. That’s the finding of research by the World Biogas Association (WBA)


Energy Live News reported on the findings, which highlight a number of ways in which biogas could contribute to this emissions reduction.


One of the most obvious is in this fuel being substituted for coal, oil and natural gas in countries around the world.


Emissions could also be avoided by better managing organic waste and by cutting the need for crop burning, deforestation and the production of fossil fertiliser. What’s more, the report revealed that at present just two per cent of available feedstocks are sent for anaerobic digestion (AD).


This means there are many opportunities all over the world to improve the situation. Feedstocks for AD include food, sewage, agricultural slurry and leftover crops, the news provider noted.


WBA president David Newman commented: “The contribution that anaerobic digestion and biogas can make to protecting the environment, developing sustainable circular economy and improving quality of life around the world is enormous.”


He added that governments need to introduce and prioritise policies that help more AD facilities to be established.


Mr Newman also stressed that the biogas industry is “here, now and ready to scale up” to help stem the growing climate crisis.


Last month, an article for Environmental Technology pointed out that biogas is a more reliable and predictable source of renewable energy than solar or wind power. This means there should be more of a focus on developing the industry.


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