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Will Highland Council Revisit Biogas Plant Plans?

Plans for a biogas plant at the former Longman dump could be reconsidered following a substantial restructure at the Highland Council.


The Inverness Courier revealed that this proposal is back on the cards as the council looks to become more business minded. One of the areas where it’s hoping to improve is income generation and it’s considering renewable energy as a part of this.


Councillor Bill Lobban told the newspaper that the expense of waste management is one reason why the biogas generator could be revisited.


“At the moment it is massively costly and our options of sticking rubbish in the ground are coming to an end. We just won’t be allowed to,” he stated.


This could mean that biogas plants, like the one suggested for the Longman site, could be among those put forward, although Councillor Lobban stressed that at this stage the council is simply asking for permission to review its waste management


However, nothing is likely to be decided in the near future, with local government elections looming in May.


There is support for more biogas generation in Scotland though. Last month, the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) called on the Scottish government to do more to promote this as an option for waste management.


ADBA chief executive Charlotte Morton highlighted the growth in the Scottish anaerobic digestion industry and stressed that there should be a focus from government in helping it continue to grow.



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