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Plans For Biogas-Fired CHP Anaerobic Digestion Plant In Gloucestershire

An existing waste recycling plant in Gloucestershire that serves the Cotswolds is set to get a new biogas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) anaerobic digestion plant.


Waste Management World revealed that French company Veolia has been awarded the contract to design and manage the 520kWe plant for Rose Hill Recycling.


Once it’s completed, the plant is expected to save 1,750 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, as well as making the whole site self-sufficient by generating 4.56GWh of electricity annually.


Rose Hill Recycling currently processes some 35,000 tonnes of food and farm waste each year. The introduction of CHP will provide the heat the anaerobic digestion plant needs to help turn this waste into biogas.


Gavin Graveson, Veolia’s COO public and commercial, told the news provider: “By effectively optimising all the opportunities for biogas CHP we will ensure we can capture this valuable resource and contribute even more to the circular economy.”


He also stated that if all the UK’s inedible domestic food waste was processed by anaerobic digestion, it could generate enough power for 350,000 homes.


Elsewhere in the UK, work is continuing on the Allerton Waste Recovery Park, which will feature an anaerobic digestion plant alongside other recycling services once it is operational.


Let’s Recycle revealed that the site will be a 320,000 tonnes-per-year capacity energy recovery plant that will take waste from the City of York council and North Yorkshire county council.


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