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UK Needs To Step Up On Renewable Heat

The announcement earlier this month that the government is once again delaying the introduction of legislation to reform the renewable heat incentive (RHI) presents a “significant threat to the UK’s ability to meet its climate goals”, according to chief executive of the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) Charlotte Morton.

She said that further delaying the RHI legislation was “another unnecessary blow to a vital industry that can make a large contribution to meeting the UK’s targets for decarbonising heat”.

Ms Morton added that so far the government has made very little progress in this regard, which is why action needs to be taken.

There are a number of anaerobic digestion projects currently on hold around the UK while investors wait to find out what kind of incentives and support, if any, will be provided by the government for those who fund this kind of scheme.

The ADBA and others in the industry are concerned that government could impose restrictions on the amount of investment in such projects that are eligible for a guaranteed tariff rate, which could have serious impacts on schemes that have already been paid for.

Meanwhile, a report commissioned by gas distributor Cadent recently suggested that we could use more of the waste from residential black dustbins to help generate more renewable heat.

The study recommended that ‘greening’ the gas network could be a much more cost effective way of heating our businesses and homes in the long term, rather than relying on electricity.

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