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UK Set For New Gas To Grid Biogas Plant

A new gas to grid biogas plant is set to be constructed in the UK by Biogest, which will be the fifth such power station to be established by the firm.

The new plant will operate using agricultural waste and energy crops and when it’s up and running will produce an output of 1,400 standard cubic metres of biogas per hour. The gas that’s fed into the grid will be enough to fuel some 4,000 homes in the UK, the company revealed.

In addition, the thermal energy that’s generated by this plant - which will equate to around 7 MW - will be used to power a pasteurisation plant.

Politicians have already been urged to put a greater focus on developing the UK’s biogas industry, but this may become more pressing given the recent events in the Middle East, with a number of countries cutting their ties with Qatar.

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) recently pointed out that around one-quarter of all imported natural gas in the UK comes from Qatar - a sizeable proportion of our fuel.

As a result, the ADBA has stressed how vulnerable this makes the UK from an energy security standpoint, and is urging the government to work with the biogas industry to develop it further and ensure we have clean, affordable and accessible fuel in the future.

In addition to reducing our reliance on imported gas, a greater focus on biogas would also help the UK close the gap on its emissions target, the ADBA argues.

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