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WBA Highlights Ways To Support Decarbonisation

The World Biogas Association (WBA) has recently released a series of recommendations for governments, financial institutions and other decision makers about how they can support the biogas industry as they move towards decarbonisation.

Among the key recommendations are to introduce policies that promote the collection and capture of biodegradable waste and making anaerobic digestion (AD) a key part of any circular economy strategies, Resource reported.

The organisation has also recommended that governments and other organisations set targets for biogas production, as well as naming AD as the preferred method of treating all biodegradable waste.

David Newman, WBA president, commented: “Our industry, in particular, offers greater benefits towards the development of a sustainable circular economy, turning harmful organic wastes into green electricity, gas and transport fuel, and also into a zero-carbon fertiliser that restores the soil and boosts crop yields.”

He also stressed that the sector is only processing two per cent of global feedstocks, indicating the significant potential for the industry if it’s given greater support around the world.

The head of global climate action for UN Climate Change Niclas Svenningsen has come out in support of the AD sector, talking about its potential within the climate and energy plans of countries around the world at the World Biogas Summit in July.

Earlier this year, the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) stressed the importance of the UK adopting AD more widely, noting that the technology can help the nation to meet its carbon reduction targets.

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