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Blackburn Anaerobic Digestion Site Given Council Approval

A new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant will be built in Blackburn, after receiving planning permission from the local authority.

SUEZ has had its AD facility approved by the Planning and Highways Committee at Darwen Borough Council, which will sit on the company’s existing site at Lower Eccleshill Road in Darwen. 

When operational, the Darwen Anaerobic Digestion Facility will turn food waste into energy, producing enough biomethane to power almost 7,000 properties. 

Regional director north for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK Steve Patterson said the facility “would provide a local solution for food waste that produces renewable energy and can deliver nutrients back to the soil”. 

The biogas produced from the food waste will then be turned into biomethane, which then be converted into electricity through generators on site or fed into the gas grid. Whatever is leftover can be used as biofertilizer, so nothing is wasted.

The plant will reduce dependency on fossil fuels for the generation of gas and electricity, cutting down on carbon emissions. 

Also included in the plans are the building of a new transfer station, which will be located on the existing footprint as well. This will improve efficiency of the waste processing operation for the area, including Blackburn, Darwen, Lancashire and further afield. 

This comes after SUEZ recycling and recovery UK was given a new contract by Milton Keynes Council to collect waste in the town and maintain its green spaces. 

AD facilities require lots of equipment to be fully operational, including breather valves. To find out more information, give us a call today.