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Government Moves To Decarbonise UKís Gas Grid

Many homes and businesses in the UK rely on natural gas as their heating source and for cooking.

However, that could change in the coming years in the UK with chancellor Philip Hammond unveiling a range of measures to boost the country’s sustainability in his Spring Statement.

One of the commitments is to inject more green gas into the National Grid, although consultations on how to achieve this won’t be held until later this year.

Chief executive of Energy Networks Association David Smith told Utility Week that this is an important step forwards for the country. “It’s vital that we continue to decarbonise the gas we all use so we can continue to meet that need while meeting our climate change obligations,” he stated.

Mr Smith added that increasing reliance on biogas is a sensible solution, because it will help bills stay lower for consumers and “avoid more disruptive changes for heating systems”.

Chief executive of the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA) Charlotte Morton also welcomed the chancellor’s announcement.

She stressed that the UK’s AD sector was “ready to produce this green gas from the millions of tonnes of organic wastes currently going to incineration or landfill or being left to rot”.

However, she added that there need to be more favourable policies in place for the AD industry to encourage growth in the sector and help it meet the UK’s gas demand with a green alternative.

Last month, the ADBA was supportive of the government’s plan to make weekly food waste collection mandatory across England, in a move that would bring it into line with waste collection services in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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