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How Can You Create Biogas From Food Waste

Biogas is a renewable, sustainable form of energy which is a great replacement for natural gas. It is produced when organic matter ferments making it a waste product which we have discovered can be utilised as fuel.


Food waste is a type of organic matter meaning biogas can actually be produced from our excess food. Essentially, our excess food waste can be recycled and turned into fuel which reduces the effect of the waste on the environment.


In order to producebiogas from food waste, the waste must be contained within a purpose-built tank or reactor in order to be broken down. Bacteria within the reactor work to break down the waste via anaerobic digestion which releases the gas as a result.


The end result of this process is the formation and collection of biogas which can then be utilised as fuel.


This is already done on a large scale and biogas is frequently used as an alternative to natural fuel resources, however, with the right equipment you may be able to create your own biogas production line at home.


You can go on to use the biogas as fuel for cooking as well as powering engines and other machinery in and around the home for more sustainable living.


The great thing about producing your own biogas is there is no waste involved. Once the gas has been collected, you are left with solid and liquid waste, however. This too can be repurposed as fertiliser in order to grow your own plants and food at home.


This makes biogas production on a small scale a great option for those looking to live more sustainably and self-sufficiently who are interested in attempting a zero-waste lifestyle as well.



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