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Large Breather Valve Order, over 200 items

 Despite the slowdown in the economy, Motherwell Tank Protection are enjoying their best year ever!  Sales have been boosted by a 200+ valve order for a major European client.  The main driving factor to securing the project was the ability to complete such an order in an extremely short lead time.  This shows MTP’s flexibility and strong desire to meet customer requirements

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Biofuels And The Environment

May 13th 2022 Biofuel on the other hand can be created at a far faster rate, therefore meaning it can be produced on demand and being that it is a renewable source of energy, has fewer lasting consequences for the environment. ...

Thames Water Created 140m Cubic Metres Of Biogas In 2021!

Feb 2nd 2022 This milestone comes as part of the company’s plans to reach net zero by 2030, with Thames Water committing in June 2021 to lead the future of energy transition by revolutionising the way it generates and uses power. An important part of this ambition is to generate renewable power from waste....