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Anaerobic Digestion Certification Scheme Launched

Designed to support the operators of anaerobic digestion plants, which use our pressure relief valve technology, a new certification scheme has been launched by industry trade body the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA).

The aim of the scheme is to help those who run AD plants, including those on farms, to improve both performance and safety, with a focus on the quality of digestate and energy output which will help to make these plants as economically viable as possible. 

For those plants who completed the pilot of the AD Certification Scheme, it has been seen as a success in helping identify areas where the business could improve, whether on an operational, environmental or safety-related level. One farm plant, one food waste plant and one on-site plant for a food manufacturer took place in the pilot, and the scheme was also developed in close relation to the National Farmers’ Union and Country Land and Business Association, according to Agriland.

ADBA chief executive Charlotte Morton hopes that the scheme will help both farms and plants in pushing forward with AD with a guiding hand at help: “Investing in an AD plant is a great way for farmers to diversify their income in the context of uncertainty over future support from government post Brexit,” she explained.

It can also provide fuel for farm vehicles, as well as answers to organic wastes such as manures and slurries.

ABDA hopes that the certification process will build confidence with investors, insurers and regulators, improving the industry as a whole.