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How Will Tidal Energy Fair After Brexit?


Pressure vacuum relief vales will be crucial to the success of future energy market in the UK.

One area that needs to be considered in the future in tidal energy, as the UK is currently a world leader but there are fears that Brexit could put the UK on the back foot.

A number of developers have warned The Guardian that if Brexit goes ahead without firm plans and protection in place, the UK could lose its position as a market leader.

This is as countries such as Canada and France could be placed in a prime position to take a number of our workers skilled in this area if they lose their jobs after Brexit.

This problem would be exacerbated if the Government continued to make cuts to the funding necessary to continue work in tidal and wave energy projects.

“I think the UK is making a huge mistake with this,” said Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto, which has invested £25m to install subsea kites that harvest energy from the currents off Wales. “The UK is a world leader in this emerging industry and it is just giving it away.”

Many companies do not feel confident they will get support from the UK Government if they want to expand in existing projects which means that many are starting to look for overseas opportunities.

This includes projects that have already started in the UK. Many argue this is very short sighted if the Government is to continue it investment in other renewables, as a mix of energy sources is vital for any renewable energy strategy.