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Tyne And Wear To Get New AD Plant

February 2020 will see a new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant opening in Tyne and Wear. Bioenergy Insight reported that the new facility will have the capacity to deal with 70,000 tonnes of food waste.

This waste will generate heat for nearly 2,000 homes in the local area and will mean that commercial properties in Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham and Sunderland will be able to divert their food waste from landfill.

The opening of this AD plant has been delayed by two months, as the operators were waiting for an environmental permit before they could start operating. But they are confident that the AD plant will be up and running in February.

Wokingham Borough is one area that has recently introduced food waste collections for its residents, and since the scheme started in April it has diverted 3,343 tonnes of food from landfill.

Wokingham Paper reported that the food waste collected by the local council is sent to an AD plant where it’s converted into energy and fertiliser.

Councillor Parry Batth, executive member for the environment, told the news provider that December is a good time for people to think about their food waste.

“The festive period is a prime opportunity to make the most of our food waste recycling service with many people enjoying bountiful meals with their families, so make sure bones, peelings and other food waste goes into the right bin and is recycled,” he stated.

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