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Tank Storage Association Launches New Charter

The Tank Storage Association (TSA) launched a new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Charter on 19th January 2021. The purpose of the Charter is to affirm the TSA’s commitment to comply with relevant legislation and engage in responsible practices across the sector.


The TSA represents the interests of over 60 member companies who are engaged in the storage of bulk liquids, and the provision of products such as radar tank gauges to the sector. Its members operate 293 terminals and distribution hubs around the UK collectively. This amounts to over 10 million cubic metres of storage capacity.


Executive Director of the TSA, Peter Davidson, commented:

“TSA’s members play a vital role in the UK’s economy by providing the critical infrastructure necessary for the transportation of bulk liquids, creating jobs and fostering innovation. Through adherence to the Charter, our members affirm their shared commitment to environmental, social and governance principles.”


He continues: “Our association continues leading from the front and this, together with our Safety Leadership Charter and Significant Indicators programme, demonstrates our commitment to strive for continuous improvement.”  


The ESG Charter was developed with its member organisations. TSA’s members provide and support an essential interface between sea, road, rail, and pipeline logistics. They handle a diverse range of substances from transport and heating fuels, to chemicals, animal feed and foodstuffs.


The Charter has been launched alongside a framework to help TSA members develop clear and common policies. It is intended to build on the previously launched Safety Leadership Charter and Significant Indicators programme, which commits to understanding and managing risks within the sector.


The Safety Leadership Charter pledges to understand what could go wrong to cause a major incident, know what systems are in place to stop this happening, and also provide assurance that the systems are working effectively, and ensure workforces are appropriately trained. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of a major environmental or financial incident.


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