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Bahrain Raid Xtreme Team To Use Biofuel In Dakar 2022

Team Bahrain Raid Xtreme, which is managed by British motorsport and advanced engineering group Prodrive, has announced it is to use a new sustainable fuel for its new BRX T1+ rally car in the 2022 Dakar Rally.

Auto Express reports that Prodrive had wanted to make significant changes to its project for the Dakar Rally, after achieving fifth place with Nani Roma and Alex Wincocq in the team’s 2021 debut.

Alongside developing a new vehicle to meet the demands of the new T1+ category, Prodrive will also be introducing a new biofuel for the 4x4 prototype rally vehicle.

The Bahrain Raid Xtreme team announced on Wednesday that it has been developing a ‘new sustainable fuel’ for the past eight months in partnership with Coryton Advanced Fuels, which it has named Prodrive ECOpower, and has spent several days over the past few weeks treating it in Wales.

The second-generation fuel, manufactured from agricultural waste and efuels created from carbon capture, offers ‘an 80 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions’ compared to traditional fossil fuels, according to the team.

Prodrive will develop its test program in the desert in Abu Dhabi and Hai’il before the respective races, after several problems in the last months that delayed its test in desert conditions.

According to the team, Prodrive ECOpower is a suitable replacement for unleaded petrol and has plans to demonstrate it in use in several of the team’s road-legal vehicles.

The FIA, the international governing body of motorsport, has modified the regulations of the main Cross Country category, creating two new categories - T1+ and T1-U, the latter for hybrid or electric vehicles - with the aim of opening the door to new technologies and more sustainable engines.

The official release of documents for the category for hybrid, electric or hydrogen prototypes has not yet been made public, but with the next meeting of the World Motor Sport Council later due soon, it is expected they will be related then.

The new BRX T1+ vehicle will have 350mm of suspension travel, up from 280mm, 37-inch wheels, up from the previous 35-inch that caused punctures in the first two editions of the Dakar in Saudi Arabia, and 2.3-metre chassis, up from the previous 2-metre chassis model, and an increase in weight from 1850 kg to 1950 kg.

Nani Roma and his new co-driver Alex Haro have already spent several days during early September testing the vehicle and the biofuel on the Sweet Lamb leg of the WRC Wales Rally and will debut the fuel in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (5-11 November) and the Hail International Rally (6-11 December) before using it on the 2022 Dakar.

Bahrain Raid Xtreme team principal David Richards said he was very keen on the development, proving and promoting of new technologies in motorsport, particularly those that can help tackle climate change.

“The Dakar and the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies are the perfect environments to showcase the benefits of the next generation of sustainable fuels and demonstrate that they can be used in road vehicles to reduce the use of fossil fuels, while still offering the same performance and range,” he said.



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