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Global Shipping Firm Confirms New Biofuels Agreement


Global shipping giant Maersk has agreed on a new biofuels agreement with internet giant Amazon, which will see 20,000 containers being shipped using biofuel over the next 12 months.

The 2023-24 deal represents the fourth year in a row that the two companies have collaborated using greener fuel, helping move the global shipping industry towards more environmental sustainability. 

Maersk has been using biofuel via its ECO Delivery product, which reduces emissions and comes with data tracking to monitor emission savings, revealing how much CO2 and other greenhouse gases have been saved.

This year, a new element is being added to the ECO Delivery product as the existing biodiesel will be supplemented by green methanol. Maersk will likely need to install new tanks to store this second form of fuel at ports to supply its fleet.

Commenting on the development, vice-president of global transportation at Amazon Adam Baker said the company is “proud” to be continuing its collaboration with Maersk, noting they are a Climate Pledge Signatory.

“We’re excited to have containers on Maersk’s first methanol-enabled feeder vessel and to continue using their biofuel,” he added.

The Amazon deal was signed just as Maersk was finalising an agreement with Danish green methanol supplier Equinor to supply a new methanol-enabled vessel from this month into early 2024. The vessel will serve a loop route from northern Europe to the Baltic, with the biomethanol, which is derived from manure, being stored in Rotterdam.

“This is the form of engagement we need to continue accelerating the pioneering journey towards a green fuel economy for global shipping,” said chief infrastructure officer for A.P. Moller-Maersk Rabab Boulos.

He added: “With more than 100 methanol enabled vessels on order across the industry, the demand for green fuel production is rising and will continue to do so in the years to come.”