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New Anaerobic Digestion Plant To Be Built In Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire will soon welcome a new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant at Stud Farm in Rufford, a facility that has been granted over £13 million in funding and which will use straw, poultry litter and feedstock from nearby farms for its fuel to supply local businesses with heat and electricity.

Any extra electricity will be fed back into the National Grid, with construction of the 2.2MW facility now underway.

It’s expected that the site will generate around 16,300MWh of renewable electricity a year, which should be enough to power almost 4,000 houses while slashing greenhouse gas emissions by about 6,900 tonnes of CO2 equivalent a year. Apparently, that’s the same as taking 3,200 cars off the road for the lifetime of the project.

The Recycling and Waste LP Fund, which is managed by Foresight, has pledged £6.6 million to the project. Partner at Foresight Neil Roberts said: “Since the SQN Fund’s IPO in July 2014, renewable projects have formed a meaningful part of our diversified portfolio. This is our fourth joint financing with the RAW fund which fit well with our key investment criteria of financing business essential, revenue earning assets with high in place value.”

Earlier this month (August), the government’s Digest of UK Energy Statistics revealed that generation of energy in the country from bioenergy sources has risen, climbing by 30 per cent last year compared to 2014. AD was found to have generated 40 per cent more power.

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