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Bioenergy Generation ‘Up By 30%’ In 2015

Generation of energy in the UK from bioenergy sources has increased, climbing by 30 per cent in 2015 compared to the year before.

This is according to the government’s latest Digest of UK Energy Statistics, which revealed that it has been a very positive year indeed for growth where renewable energy sources are concerned. For example, anaerobic digestion generated 40 per cent more power, while a big increase in generation from municipal solid waste was also seen.

Electricity generation, meanwhile, rose by 29 per cent from 2014, with renewables now providing nearly one-quarter of the country’s energy generation.

The Feed in Tariff scheme saw anaerobic capacity rise from 147MW to 177MW, making up four per cent of the overall scheme capacity. The Renewables Heat Incentive saw heat generated from anaerobic digestion more than double last year as well.

Commenting on this latest report, chief executive of the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association Charlotte Morton said: “These figures back up the stellar growth of the UK industry over the past two years – 40 per cent more biogas electricity from waste and farms, more than double the amount of renewable heat, and continuing improvements in efficiency in the water sector.”

She did note, however, that opportunities for growth in the future are still at risk and the anaerobic digestion industry could actually be four times bigger than it is right now, just by using existing feedstocks and technology.

Government cutbacks where electricity support are concerned and uncertainty regarding heat and waste policies mean that up to 250MW of potential capacity could be lost over the next two years.

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