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72% Of SMEs Want To Go Green

 Energy providers need to do more to support the green goals of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), after it was revealed that 72 per cent would like to be greener.


Haven Power has released a report showing the majority of SMEs want their energy supplier to have a greater commitment to renewable energy sources, while over a quarter want to receive more support from their provider in becoming energy-efficient.


Just 11 per cent of growing businesses claim their fuel company is ‘excellent’ at providing support and options for green energy usage.


Chief executive of Haven Power Jonathan Kini said: “SMEs want more from their supplier and a commitment to renewable energy is one of the demands they are pushing for.”


He added that those in the energy industry need to help companies reduce the amount of energy they use, while also trying to supply 100 per cent renewable fuel in the future.


Mr Kini also noted just 21 per cent of SMEs believe their energy supplier is fully supportive of green energy, while nearly a third think theirs is not very committed, demonstrating a “huge gap in the market for those with a different offer”. 


Despite this, 71 per cent of SMEs said it should be easier to change energy provider, as it is not as simple as it could be at the moment. 


According to Mr Kini, these findings should be a “wake-up call to many in the energy supply sector”. 


Anaerobic digestion is one way to produce renewable energy, and Yorkshire Water recently announced it is building a £72 million facility in the centre of Leeds for a bio-energy site. This will help cut carbon emissions by 15 per cent across the firm.


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