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Reading Buses Adds To Fleet Of Biogas Buses


Reading Buses has announced that has ordered five new double-deck compressed natural gas (CNG) buses from Alexander Dennis (ADL).


Transport Engineer revealed that this will make the firm’s gas bus fleet the largest in the UK.


All the vehicles are Enviro400CBG biogas buses and are due to enter service at the end of November.


These particular models have been proven to produce 20% less carbon dioxide emissions than a Euro 6 diesel equivalent, with the bio-methane fuel that Reading Buses uses in its fleet improving its green credentials yet further.


The company is very conscious of its environmental responsibilities, and is constantly looking for ways to further reduce its environmental impact. Rather than having its gas supplied in a tanker, it has installed a pipeline, ensuring that transporting the gas to its depot is also as green as possible.


It now has 34 buses powered by a carbon neutral bio-methane source, as well as 31 diesel electric hybrid buses.


There is a growing movement towards biogas as a fuel in general, not just for powering vehicles. The Netherlands recently announced it will invest €150 million (£133.31 million) in a new biogas project that will see it provide dairy farmers with the opportunity to lease anaerobic digesters that can break down cow manure into gas.


Farmers will then be able to sell the gas produced at their farm at a 12-year fixed price. The Dutch government is hoping the initiative will enable it to meet its target of generating 14% of its energy through renewable sources by 2020.



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