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AD Investment Could Save Dairy Farming

Dairy farmers have faced a struggle over the last few years as market price fluctuation has meant they have had to diversify their businesses to keep afloat.

One area many are investing in to future-proof their enterprise is anaerobic digestion (AD), as it provides them with a secure and steady income.

In addition to this, it lowers their energy costs by having to rely less on gas and electricity, and adds value to their waste products, Farming UK reported.

Irish dairy farmer Stephen Carson, who milks 300 cows, decided to invest in a Tievenny AD, a 500kW biogas plant, four years ago when milk prices were at their lowest.

He told the publication: “It’s all about future-proofing the farm business and I’m already investigating ways to develop the plant further. The dairy unit will always be the core of the business, but our investment in AD, means we’ve been able to provide further security for future generations.”

Mr Carson received funding from Privilege Finance, which also gave him advice and support throughout the process.

The plant was finally commissioned in September, and currently produces 500kW of electricity as a result of being fed 26 to 28 cubic metres of cow slurry every day.

The farmer added: “We’re able to get more value from the slurry, which we would have previously had to pay for to get spread.”

What’s more, the electricity and heat created is used on the farm itself, lowering energy usage and, subsequently, farming bills.

Thom Koller, policy offer at the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association, recently highlighted the benefits of AD for farmers, including reducing greenhouse gases, controlling slurry management, and soil improvement.

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