Motherwell Tank Protection | Downloads

Breather Valve Datasheets

CNC380 Series Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve
Low Pressure / Vacuum relief valves (Breather Valve) specifically designed to protect storage tanks

CNC104 Rim Vent
Rim Vents are designed for pressure relief use on low pressure storage tanks, originally developed floating roof tanks.

Vent Combination Arrester
END OF LINE vent combination range of deflagration flame arresters

Emergency Relief Vents | Manways

CNC121/CNC122 Emergency Relief Valve
Non sparking emergency relief manhole covers permit access to low pressure storage tanks whilst providing emergency venting capacity in the event of fire.

Flame Arrester Datasheets

In Line Flame Arrester
Designed for installation in pipe line applications with close proximity to the possible source of ignition, thereby confining the flame to the immediate area.

End of Line Flame Arrester
Designed to be used as a venting device for installation at the end of a pipe line or exit vent on a vessel.

Vent Combination Flame arrestor
Designed to be used in conjunction with our pressure relief valves

Tank Fittings Datasheets

Tank Blanketing
Tank Blanketing Valves are self-contained, balanced, pilot operated, and used for accurate pressure control on gas blanketing systems

CNC240 Free Vent
Free vents permits vapors to flow freely to and from the tanks or vent riser pipes.

CNC101/CNC102 Gauge Hatch
Gauge hatches allow easy access to atmospheric and low pressure liquid storage tanks for manual level measurement (dipping), temperature measurement and sampling.

Tank Gauging Datasheets

Float Operated Liquid level Indicator
Mechanical float operated giving a clear visual indication of tank contents. suitable for atmospheric tanks.

Mechanical Float level Gauge | level Indicator
Low Pressure Automatic Tank Float Gauge providing accurate, continuous measurement of the tank level.

High Pressure Mechanical Float Gauge
For Liquid Gas and Presurised Storage Tanks

8900d Radar Level Gauge
High Accuracy non contact level gauge suitable for custody transfer

MTG 2800i Servo Tank Gauge
High Accuracy level gauge suitable for custody transfer