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Unilever To Use Biogas Across 5 UK Sites

A new renewable energy deal has been signed between Unilever UK & Ireland and GENeco, with five of its sites set to benefit from the use of biogas (also known as biomethane or green gas) to power its heating and reduce carbon emissions.


What this means is that because these five sites’ electricity already comes from certified renewable sources, they are now carbon neutral thanks to this latest development – all of which is helping the company strive towards its goal of becoming carbon positive come the year 2030.


Since Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan was launched back in 2010, the company has succeeded in cutting its manufacturing greenhouse gas footprint by an impressive 39 per cent per tonne of production, which is the equivalent of one million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.


“With biomethane or green gas still in its relative infancy compared to other forms of renewable energy, this agreement marks a significant step forward in helping us source 100 per cent renewable energy for five of our UK and Ireland sites. Recognising that this is only the start of our journey, we hope to build on this great foundation and eventually convert waste from our own operations into energy to truly support a circular economy,” Unilever UK & Ireland’s sustainable business director Charlotte Carroll said.


Last month, Unilever was named as the second most admired company in Britain, coming top for its ability to attract, retain and nurture talent, as well as for its community and environmental responsibility. In fact, the company is the only one to have been in the top 20 every year since the awards were launched back in 1990.


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