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Scottish Green Energy Plant To Produce Biogas

A green energy company in Scotland has been given the go-ahead to produce biogasat its plant.

South Ayrshire Council granted permission for Grisson Carrick Ltd to install two 5,000m3 anaerobic digestion (AD) tanks, two feed intake tanks, a blending tank, and a process water tank to turn 20,000 tonnes of distillery by-product into gas.

The Daily Record reported that work will begin soon at the Grangestone Industrial Estate site to build the concrete AD tanks, which will measure 32m by 16.8m, as well as a biomethane upgrader, emergency gas flare, LPG Tanks, gas injection unit, and ancillary equipment outside the bund. 

A Carbon Capture system will also be installed, and a new private access link built to enable the by-products from the adjacent William Grant & Sons Girvan Distillery to be re-used.

A spokesperson from Grissan said: “The proposal will generate up to two megawatts of indigenous renewable gas, which is the equivalent energy consumption for approximately 3,000 households.”

It was added the AD machinery will be operated by the energy and heat created by the process. 

The council received no objections to the plans, with a spokesperson saying the application was accepted as it is “industrial development within a zoned industrial estate”. 

Scotland is not the only place that is trying to boost its number of AD plants, as members of the Renewable Gas Forum Ireland (RGFI) revealed their intentions to construct 130 biomethane plants by 2030.

This will create 2.5TWh of biomethane, while they want this to increase to 9.5TWh by 2050, Independent.ie reported.


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