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What Are The Different Applications Of Biogas?

Biogas is produced from the anaerobic digestion of different types of organic waste, such as plant matter or food waste, and is used for a variety of different applications. It is commonly used as a more sustainable alternative to natural gas which is a fossil fuel.


Biogas is often used to generate and produce electricity. Biogas generators use internal combustible engines to create mechanical energy which then produces electricity. They are a popular choice for powering homes as a more eco-friendly alternative to other traditional fuel types.


Many people canproduce biogas at home using their own waste, such as leftover food or garden waste, and therefore they are also a great option for those aiming to live a zero-waste lifestyle.


Another application of biogas is for both heating and cooling. Boilers, furnaces and air conditioning units can all be adapted to use biogas giving it yet another use for homes and businesses.


Natural gas and propane are both popular choices for gas stoves and cookers. Many people have now decided to make the switch and use biogas for this instead. It is just as combustible as other fuel types making it perfect for cooking and heating food.


Biogas can also be converted into a fuel which can be used to power vehicles. This is applicable for cars, trucks, buses and many other types of vehicles. It can be used both alone or blended with other fuel types.


This is helping to reduce the demand for petrol and diesel and may provide a more cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly way to power vehicles day to day.


Biogas itself isn’t the only useful material though. The waste leftover from producing biogas can be repurposed as fertiliser and used to fertilise crops. This helps to reduce the demand for synthetic or mass-produced fertilisers which can actually be harmful, not helpful, to the environment.



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