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Revised Plans For Anaerobic Digestion Plant Near Cannock Granted

New plans for a recycling facility in Huntington have finally been accepted after several years of debate.


Bloomfield Recycling has been given planning permission for an anaerobic digestion plant at Cocksparrow Lane near Cannock after owners revised its designs, the Express and Star reported.


The site was originally given the go-ahead in 2010, but ongoing concerns from locals and the Huntington Parish Council caused delays to the development.


Despite this, Staffordshire County Council’s planning committee has approved the initiative, with chairman Tim Corbett telling the newspaper: “I believe the liaison committee between the developers and residents has been working well since the plans were originally approved.”


The authority has now agreed to an extension of the site, including the anaerobic digestion facility, which will see biodegradable material broken down for the production of energy.


Huntington Parish Council recently released a report in objection, stating its concerns regarding road safety, speeding vehicles and traffic, given that the plant is less than a half a kilometre away from the Littleton Green Community School and 330 metres from residents in Littleton Green.


It protested against the layout of the development, as well as the size of its vessels. The site is expected to include a 13 ft storage tank, three 46 ft tanks and three large containers.


According to the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association’s database, there are 540 sites across the UK that are producing biogas from the process of breaking down food waste, agricultural materials, sewage and industrial effluents.



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