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Biogas ‘Presents Opportunities For Farmers’

There are big opportunities for farmers to join the biogas industry, one expert has suggested.


Farmers Weekly reported on the comments by Thom Koller, a policy officer at the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA), who stated that the number of anaerobic digestion plants on farmland could grow significantly with the right support.


Speaking at the ABDA National Conference in London earlier this month, Mr Koller said: “With the right support post-2020 we’re sure the industry could grow five times over. We could well achieve 1,000 [farm-based] plants.”


The benefits of anaerobic digestion were highlighted at the event, with Mr Koller pointing to the fact that this technology can help reduce greenhouse gases from farming, help with manure/slurry management and also be utilised for soil improvement.


Former secretary of state for energy and climate change Chris Huhne supported these statements, adding that he felt anaerobic digestion has an “important role” in helping the agricultural sector decarbonise.


There are already dozens of anaerobic digestion plants around the UK, some of which provide heat and/or power, and others that generate biomethane that goes back into the National Grid.


According to the latest figures from May 2016, there are 316 such plants dotted around the UK, with many of these located on farms. 


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