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Poland To Tender New Biogas Installations In 2017

The Polish Ministry of Energy has revealed that 100MW of agricultural biogas plants will be created in 2017 following the announcement of suggested maximum volumes and values of electricity from renewable sources that can be sold at auction throughout the year.

As a result of the draft regulation relating to what energy can be sold at auction, the Polish government anticipates 70MW of new agricultural biogas plants with a capacity of up to 1MW will be constructed, in addition to 30MW of new agricultural biogas plants with a capacity of over 1MW, Lexology reported.

If all of the biogas plants are created as planned, the amount of electricity generated in Poland through this energy source will double compared to 2016.

ScienceDirect explained that agricultural biomass is an important source of renewable energy for the country, because of the relatively high cattle and pig populations as well as Poland’s well-established agri-food industry.

But agricultural biogas plants aren’t the only ones set to be constructed in Poland in the coming year, with new biogas installations at sewage treatment plants and landfill sites also proposed.

These would generate an additional 10MW of power, with each installation having a capacity of up to 1MW.

This news comes as the president of the European Biogas Association Dr Jan Stambasky described the biogas sector as “an indispensable part of European development”.

According to the organisation, the number of biogas plants across Europe reached over 17,000 at the end of 2015.

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