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Vent Combination Arresters

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Vent Combination Arresters

Additional Protection for End-of-Line Applications 

These arresters are not suitable for preventing a flame from within the pipe or system igniting the surrounding area. The combination arrester provides additional protection because the flame arrester element of the system is only actively required during the short periods when the breather valve element of the system is venting.

Suitable for pipe sizes from 2″ (50mm) up to 12” (300mm).

MTP flame arresters and breather valves are certified compliant with European ATEX and PED directives where applicable.

MTP Flame Arrester and Vent Combinations work in exactly the same way as an end-of-line unit. They are designed to prevent an unconfined deflagration in the surrounding atmosphere from entering the pipe or system.


These Vent Cominbation units are designed tbe used in conjunction with a PVRV unit and installed at the end of a pipeline or exit venon a vessel. They allow for an unrestricted flow of gases intthe atmosphere and clean air into the tank/pipe therefore preventing any possible atmospheric deflagration from entering the system.


An‘Vent Combination’ unit is designed to be mounting with a PVRV and prevent an unconfined deflagration in the surroundinatmosphere from enterinthe pipe or system and is not suitablfor preventinflame from withithe pipe or system igniting the surrounding area.



                Suitablfor pipe sizes from 2” upto12”

                Availablfor application in gas groups IIA, IIA1, IIB1, IIB2, IIB3

                Complianwitthe European ATEX directive 2014/34/EU and United Kingdom’s UKCA Directive UKSI 2016:1107

                Removable/Replaceablelement for easier & cost-effective maintenance

                Tested in accordance with EN ISO 16852:2016

                Sintered mesh flame quenching element for improved deflagration stopping and air flow performance





                Flammablliquistoragtank vents

                Wasttreatment plants

                Gas pressure regulators

                Not applicable for endurance burning situations

                Maximum Operational Temperature () – 60 °C

                Process Connection drilled to any client specification.

                Vertical Mounted



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Vent Combination Arrester

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